Letter from Shayne Boucher

As some of you may have heard the good news, the Planning Commission voted 5-1-1 in favor of recommending the Frederick County Bikeways & Trails Plan to the Frederick County Council. Because of your active engagement in the review process, we will see the plan updated with substantive changes based on input from the public, organizations, and members of the commission.

April 11, 2017 County Bike Plan Review

This week we met with Jim Gugel and Ron Burns from Frederick County, MD Division of Planning and Permitting. We reviewed their 1999 Bike Plan and the changes they intend to make before moving a draft forward this June. Our proposed Monocacy Crossing Trail is on the plan and is likely to be considered a priority. The plan refers to it as the Pennsylvania Railroad Trail, but it needs to be updated to reflect the new position over the Monocacy River and to continue to Heritage Farm Park.