Volunteer Opportunities

The FBC is seeking volunteers. We're currently seeking help with these objectives:

City Budget Meetings (Speaking or simply attending)

The city is currently going through the annual budget process. There are three upcoming public hearings that cover budget areas important to cycling infrastructure. These events include a short presentation followed by an opportunity for public comment. We'd like to have good representation with many cyclists showing the importance of infrastructure improvements for vulnerable road users.

Speaking is not required to support this objective but we encourage all cyclists to speak if they feel comfortable doing so. For those that would like to speak but are unsure of what to talk about, we have prepared talking points and a suggested list of specific budget priorities that are strategically important.  

We will be meeting at Brewer's Alley prior to the public hearing to review our talking points. If you are interested in meeting us prior to the hearing or would like additional information about these events please email secretary@bikefrederick.org 

The meetings are all held in the City Hall Boardroom.

  • 4/23/2018 (Monday) 7:00 PM
  • 5/1/2018 (Tuesday) 7:00 PM
  • 5/9/2018 (Wednesday) 3:00 PM

Information Booth staff at community events

Our information booth staff help us educate the public about the FBC and our mission to support greater access for cyclists in our community. We would like energetic and friendly people to help us out by showing up and handing out printed materials, accepting donations, recruiting new members, and speaking about the FBC mission and activities. 

Upcoming events we would like to attend are:

Bridge Replacement on Hessong Bridge Rd.

Earlier this week, Frederick County's Public Works Department held a public meeting to discuss the upcoming project that will replace the bridge on Hessong Bridge Rd. This road is popular among local road cyclists that ride through the beautiful and easy rolling farmland in the North East of the county. Projects like this one and the Old Frederick Road bridge replacement are important as many of the bridges in our county are in need of repair. However, closing down these roads means more vehicles and bicycles share fewer routes. The increased traffic on the detours means that cyclists and drivers alike need to be more diligent.

The new bridge design includes two 11-foot wide lanes and 5-foot wide shoulders for cyclists and pedestrians. The current bridge is a one-lane temporary bridge built in 1975 and does not meet current codes. The final design of the bridge will be completed in 2019 with construction funding planned for 2020. Additional details and future project updates will be listed on the county's website. https://www.frederickcountymd.gov/hessongbridge

Thank you Mayor O'Connor

Thank you Mayor O'Connor

Dear Mayor O'Connor
Thank you so much for coming out to our Annual Member Meeting earlier this month. We greatly appreciate having support from you and other local government leaders. Frederick City and Frederick County are facing unprecedented growth, and the current infrastructure is not sufficient for supporting the volume of pedestrians, bicycles, and cars we have today. 

Letter from Shayne Boucher

As some of you may have heard the good news, the Planning Commission voted 5-1-1 in favor of recommending the Frederick County Bikeways & Trails Plan to the Frederick County Council. Because of your active engagement in the review process, we will see the plan updated with substantive changes based on input from the public, organizations, and members of the commission.