The Frederick Bicycle Coalition needs your support, not just your voice. We need money to help keep things running. We are a member-driven organization, and we need you to join us in our mission. Since 2009 FBC has been working for you and cyclists like you to promote cycling in our community. You can check out our projects over here.

If you'd like to see us achieve more, then help us by becoming a member. Individuals and families can support the Frederick Bicycle Coalition by making a small donation. Members get an FBC sticker to put on their bicycle or car. Also, members receive periodic emails about our projects. Because we are a non-profit 501(c)3, membership dues and donations are tax deductible*.

If you are a representative of an organization or a business, and would like to make a donation, please consider becoming a sponsor.

Individual Life-time membership

A single pledge of $35.00, just one time, is all it takes to show the world that you are willing to take action to promote bicycling!


Family Life-time membership

A single pledge of $50.00, just once is all it takes to get the benefits of membership for all of your family members, no matter how many pedalers live under your roof!

Consider a "Bottom Bracket" membership

Bottom bracket members know that we need to keep the crank turning. And that kind of power can only come from recurring donations. If you've already purchased a standard membership, but want to give more, establish a recurring donation. We suggest 5$ a month. That's the cost of a single beer or a coffee but it will really help us keep cranking!

* We're bicyclists, not tax advisors; check with your favorite tax software, or tax professional.


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